Old South Barber Spa
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A Grooms Day at The Old South Barber Spa

Congratulations! You’re getting married. Whether you have sat back or actively participated (come on now) and watched “all” the planning that has gone on around you for the past 6 months, 1 year or what seems like an eternity, it is now the day of “The Big Event”. It’s your last single day to get together with the boys and “remember when” and start to plan how and when you can get a boys night out. There’s not enough time for Golf, may not be feeling that well from a long night out and certainly do not feel like spending time in the hotel greeting guests you may or may not know.

Fortunately, there is a great solution to how to spend your last single morning or afternoon before “The Big Event”, The Old South Barber Spa, “A Man’s Answer To The Ultimate Spa Experience”. This ultra-modern facility is decorated with all the charm of an old world men’s club and offers services and amenities men require in a barber spa including: choice of technicians, private spa treatment areas with full showers and fireplaces, comfortable lounge seating with fireplace and WiFi Internet, full service bar, Cigars, shoe shines, and flat screen TV’s. Available services include; Hair Styling, Old Fashioned Hot Lather Blade Shaves, Beard Trims, Scalp Massages, Hand & Foot Treatments, Massages, and Facials.

Come Relax, Re-energize and Enjoy a true southern experience and the company of your best friends. You will leave thanking each other on what a great idea you each had to come here. Thank us later by recommending us to the “all” the single men still standing out there if they choose Charleston, SC for their “Big Event”.


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